About Us

Who Are We?


The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

NISHYOGA is a leading manufacturer of bio Septic Tank. We have over two decades of experience in water and wastewater treatment solutions.

We undertakes projects on a turnkey basis and is one of the few organizations with hands-on expertise right from the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants, septic tanks, water storage tanks, and chemical storage tanks.

Our Bio Septic tanks can cater to any number of users, from small homes to huge community apartments, temples, malls, institutions, etc. Furthermore, NISHYOGA is engaged in making mother earth clean by using Bio septic Tanks (BST) to avoid sewage systems, making the nation pollution-free through Zero zero waste pollution, and several farm activities to make the farmers stand on their legs.


To design, develop and implement technically advanced products and solutions that improve quality of life and work in harmony with the ecosystem.


To achieve leadership in rotational molding products and solutions that impact social life in commercial and residential sub-systems. Expand the water-related application of rotationally molded products from septic tanks, household sewerage treatment systems, Moats, indigenous buoys, etc., to alternate and renewable energy projects.